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Maestro Mini Valet

Mild Valeting Package

  • 1 h 20 min
  • From 80 British pounds
  • Monster Car Wash - UNIT 6

Service Description

The Maestro Mini Valeting option at a touchless car wash includes a range of services to keep your car looking clean and shiny. The process starts with a sills wash to remove dirt and grime from the lower parts of the car. Next, a paint pre-soak is applied to loosen any dirt or debris on the body of the car. This is followed by a waterfall foam that covers the car in a thick layer of foam to help lift away any remaining dirt. After this, a ceramic coating liquid wax is applied to protect the paint and give it a glossy finish. The car is then dried using power dryers x 2 to ensure that all water is removed from the surface. The wheels are cleaned using an alloy wheel cleaner to remove brake dust and other contaminants. Finally, the interior of the car is vacuumed to remove any dirt or debris, and an exterior body wax application is applied to give the car a final shine. This package offers a comprehensive cleaning experience that will leave your car looking like new. Disclaimer : Please note that the interior vacuum service is chargeable and the cost may vary depending on the level of soiling when the vehicle arrives at the centre. It is important to keep in mind that not all cars are the same when it comes to interior cleaning and vacuuming, and can only be assessed once the vehicle is looked at by our operator. Therefore, please select the right option when choosing the level of cleaning to ensure that you are charged correctly. Thank you for choosing our services! The operator will decide if vehicle needs manual cleaning once vehicle is assessed on site. Vacuum Details : Level 1: This level is suitable for light soiling and requires only a single pass with a regular vacuum cleaner. It is ideal for removing dust, dirt, and other small particles from your floors. Also vehicle is clear from personal items for attention to detail. Level 2: This level is suitable for moderate soiling and requires a single pass with a vacuum cleaner that can also empty trash such as food, empty plastic bottles, and other debris. It is ideal for removing larger particles from your floors. Level 3: This level is suitable for heavy soiling and requires a thorough clean with a vacuum cleaner that can handle mild pet hair. It is ideal for removing mild pet hair, dust mites, and other allergens from your car floors. Please note that levels 1-3 are not designed to remove stains from your floors. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

Cancellation Policy

We offer 15 min re booking service. Failure to re-book will mean lost of fee. Thank you.

Contact Details

  • Monster Car Wash - UNIT 6

    Monster Car Wash UK, Gravel Lane, Chigwell, UK


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