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Global Recognition Awards

This prestigious award recognizes businesses from all over the world for their exceptional achievements and contributions to their respective industries.

The Global Recognition Awards™ provide unparalleled exposure and networking opportunities, making it an essential event for businesses of all sizes.

Winning a Global Recognition Award can open doors and provide a competitive edge for your business. The recognition and prestige associated with this award can help your business stand out in a crowded market and attract new customers and partners.

Monster Wash Award.

Good news. Our judges have awarded you a Global Recognition Award.


What have we won?


In the bustling landscape of global industry, it's the innovators and pioneers who often stand out, pushing boundaries and setting new standards. From the heart of Redbridge emerges a figure who, with a touch of genius and an eye for opportunity, has ventured into the realm of the automotive care industry. With his enterprise, "Monsterwash", he has defied convention and introduced a revolution in the car wash sector, making him a worthy recipient of a 2023 Global Recognition Award.

Setting the Bar for Automotive Care

The market was ripe for a change, and Monster Wash introduction of the first touchless car wash in London's South East was just the answer. This isn't merely about keeping vehicles clean; it's about preserving their integrity. Traditional car wash methods, though widespread, often inflict micro-damages in the form of swirls and marks., on the other hand, showcases a modern approach where vehicles are not only cleaned but also protected.

Societal Impact and Recognition

But it's not just the technology or the business model that makes Monsterwash venture stand out. They have taken a socially responsible stance by aligning his service with government guidelines aiming to curtail work slavery prevalent in the conventional car wash sector. This alignment is not merely a business strategy; it's a testament to Monsterwash's commitment to societal well-being. Moreover, the fact that has garnered a stellar 5-star online rating shortly after its launch speaks volumes about its reception and potential.

Final Words

When history looks back at innovators who made a difference, Monsterwash UK will be among those remembered. They have not just built a business; he has set a precedent. With, they present a vision of what the future of car care can be - efficient, protective, and socially conscious. This venture is more than a service; it's a statement, and it resonates perfectly with the ethos of a 2023 Global Recognition Award. To say he's deserving would be an understatement.


We are currently seeking potential investors to help us expand our services and bring our innovative technology to more customers. With the current challenging economic climate and employment issues, investing in our car wash business is a smart and profitable choice. Join us in revolutionizing the car wash industry and be part of our success story. Contact us for more information on investment opportunities.

Tel/Whatsapp : 0044 7853141303

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